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Building a well in Nandere, Uganda

Building a well in Nandere, Uganda

Project details

Nandere, Uganda




To provide water supply for a village


Construction of a well as well as the laying of several hundred meters of pipes

People helped

500 villagers, two schools, a hospital and a church

It all began with volunteering in Uganda. Steven had decided to make a meaningful trip and wanted to help the village of Nandere with agriculture, and that’s what he did. He pruned a pine forest, cultivated banana plants and assisted in the planting of a eucalyptus forest.

Although he had helped as best as he could during the volunteering, he knew that he could not have provided any long-term assistance. So he asked the local people what they needed urgently. Most of the answers expressed the desire for rain and water. Since Steven is a very bad dancer (and an even worse rain dancer), he spontaneously offered his assistance. The result was a long-term project over several months. On site, he met with local engineers, started to make a plan and made sure to take a lot of details and information back to Germany.

Back in Germany, he set up a donation site on He raised money and joined “Technik ohne Grenzen”, a German NGO. He met two more people dedicated to the project, Hannes and Steffen. In the following weeks, the three Berliners raised the necessary amount of funds for the construction of a well in the Ugandan village.

The construction project became a huge success. Inspired by this achievement of building a well for a whole community, we knew even back then that this wouldn’t be our last joint project.

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