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Clean drinking water for the people of Koguta in Kenya

Clean drinking water for the people of Koguta in Kenya

Project details

Koguta, Kenya




Clean drinking water for the people of Koguta in the Nyakach region


Donation of 4 AQQAcubes for filtering polluted water

People helped

2400 people get their water from polluted water holes and rivers

The project

The Koguta Community is located in the Nyabondo Plateau in western Kenya, south of the town of Kisumu, near Lake Victoria. A total of 2400 people live here, divided among 400 households.

The people get their drinking water from streams and water holes. Since the community is located in a plateau, there are no rivers that carry water permanently. So local people also rely on seasonal water sources. The less water available, the poorer the quality of the water. Therefore, it is especially important in this community to provide assistance through our water filters.

A year-round water supply is possible through the various water sources, especially because the local people collect rainwater in large collection containers. These containers are ideal to store water there and clean it in the next step through our AQQAcubes.

Project implementation

Due to the size of the Kenya projects and planning uncertainty due to the Covid 19 pandemic, implementation is occurring in phases.

For the people in the Koguta community, we have planned a total of four AQQAcubes, with a water filter already installed in a first phase in September 2021. To minimize transportation costs, we are shipping the filters as a bundle along with the water filters for the other eight sites in Kenya.

The second phase of the project is scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2022. At that time, the missing three AQQAcubes are expected to be made available on-site.


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Our costs for this project are expected to be as follows:

4.280,00 € 4 AQQAcubes
260,00 € Water analysis
500,00 € Hygiene workshop
1.700,00 € Transport costs
2.200,00 € Customs
480,00 € Pre-visit, installation and maintenance of filters

The company eHealth.Business from Berlin has contributed to the project by donating an AQQAcube incl. transport, logistics, customs and maintenance for one year. Thank you very much!


4 AQQAcubes werden für das Dorf bereitgestellt


The sustainability of our work on this project is ensured by the following three points:

  1. Training (filter handling and hygiene)
  2. Filter protection
  3. Long-term project monitoring

The people are trained on site in the use of the filters and familiarised with the technology. In addition, people are trained in the subject of water hygiene. This is to further avoid contamination of water sources. We have found volunteers in the villages who will take responsibility for monitoring and securing the filters. At the same time they will act as contact persons for the WeWater team in Kenya in case of problems. They will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the filters and are available as contact persons for questions within the village.

Not only because of the Covid-19 pandemic are functioning hygiene measures are extremely important. But the current situation has prompted WeWater to produce a digital video manual on the use, cleaning and maintenance of our filter solutions. With this, potential problems can be solved quickly and efficiently without the needing local presence of our Berlin staff members.