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Emergency humanitarian water aid for the people of Ukraine

Emergency humanitarian water aid for the people of Ukraine

Project details

Oblast Donezk, Ukraine




Restoration of safe water supply, clean drinking water


Donation of a total of 8 AQQAcubes to 8 settlements

People helped

1801 people in 8 settlements have no proper water supply because of the war

The project

Situation on site

The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine has had devastating consequences for the population. According to UNHCR, 15.8 million people had to flee their homes by November 2022. But not everyone can leave, especially in the heavily contested areas of eastern and southeastern Ukraine. The civilian population is suffering as a result of the hostilities. Infrastructure has been destroyed in many places - including water infrastructure.

At the end of June 2022, we joined forces with the organization arche noVa e.V. from Dresden to address the humanitarian emergency in the region around Donetsk and to provide people access to clean water again. In many places, water filtration stations are closed or destroyed, other water sources are defective or contaminated. This will lead to a worrying humanitarian catastrophe if help is not provided quickly and easily. Of course, it was left up to the local partners, who are familiar with the area, to select the most suitable locations for the filter systems.

Two clinic employees receive an AQQACube.

We received information from local partners that drinking the unfiltered water caused diarrhea, stomach problems, skin diseases and rashes. With our filters, 1801 people whose 8 communities remain near the front now have drinkable water again. They fetch it from the polluted rivers, private wells or - where the pipes are not destroyed - from centralized water supply.

Project implementation

The filters are always available to the communities and are secured in private homes, community facilities or schools. The AQQACubes can be used outside curfews - and when there is no shooting.

A person taps purified water from the WeWater filter

Due to the dynamically developing conflict zone at the front and in order to protect the population, we decided against publishing the exact locations of the filters. The pictures come from our partners and the people pictured have agreed to the publication, as in all our projects. 

Five filters were provided by WeWater. WeWater would also like to thank eHealth.Business GmbH from Berlin, who donated one of these.

Three were carried by our friends from arche noVa e.V. themselves, who also took care of the transport to the Ukrainian border, as well as managed the intra-Ukrainian logistics with the local project partners. 

WeWater plans to continue supporting the Ukrainian People. We are currently discussing possible partnerships and locations. For this we are dependent on further donations.


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Our costs for this project so far are as follows:

10.186,40 € 8 AQQAcubes à 1273,30€
- 3.819,90 € 3 AQQACubes were funded by our project partner arche noVa
0 € Logistics and costs for project implementation were funded by our project partner arche noVa


We would like thank our project partner arche noVa e.V. for the trustful cooperation.