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Clean drinking water for schools in Bweyale, Uganda

Clean drinking water for schools in Bweyale, Uganda

Project details

Bweyale, Uganda




To provide clean drinking water for the schools in Bweyale


Donation of 1 AQQAcube and 10 AQQAbags for filtering polluted water

People helped

700 children and caregivers drink Bweyales contaminated water every day

The project

In northern Uganda the refugee village Bweyale has formed along the Bobi Masindi Road. Approximately 100,000 people from very different countries and cultures live there. Many of them have fled Southern Sudan.

The association Life for all e.V. has been active on the ground since 2008, even bought land in 2011 and then built several schools. In this way, 120 children receive a valuable and important education for the future. But there is a problem in the village: there is not enough clean drinking water available.

In total, there are three different water sources in the village. There is a water hole which is very dirty and is used for washing the laundry as well as for cleaning motorcycles. It cannot be used as drinking water.

Another source of water are three hand dug wells. The wells are not very deep, but provide water almost all year round. However, the water quality is very poor. Several people have already suffered from typhoid fever after consuming this water.

And then there is a local water pipe with classic tap water. However, the pressure is so weak that the water rarely arrives on site. It is also too expensive for most people.

We want to remedy the acute shortage of drinking water. For this we collect donations. In the first phase of the project, we provide 1 AQQAcube and ten AQQAbags for the schools of Bweyale. The aim is to create a solution as quickly as possible. Typhoid fever can be fatal and has already cost the lives of several local people. So we must not lose any time.

The filter product AQQAcube can be used for twelve months. During this time, it filters at least 400 liters of water during an operation time of 8 hours per day. In addition, we provide the community with ten AQQAbags.

One AQQAbag can be used for about six months and saves about 540 PET bottles based on its filter performance. We distribute the AQQAbags on site free of charge and pay out a small bonus if returned to us after six months. We also gather feedback information about the use of the bag. That way, we prevent unrecycled plastic waste and receive valuable feedback for the further development of our products.


WeWater gUG
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE90 3702 0500 0001 6026 01

Please state first and last name and purpose of your donation.


Our costs for this project are expected to be as follows:

Phase 1
5093,20 € 4 AQQAcubes
460 € 10 AQQAbags
660 € Transport costs
5060 €  


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