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Clean drinking water for the school children of Kigumbya Primary School, Uganda

Clean drinking water for the school children of Kigumbya Primary School, Uganda


Kigumbya, Baminanka, Uganda




Clean drinking water for school children


Donation of 2 AQQAcube for filtering polluted water

People helped

School children in a community of 400 draw water from a contaminated waterhole

The project

Situation on site

The only source of water is a waterhole, which is very turbid and brown in colour. A pipeline has been laid by the government to the waterhole, which carries the water to the school where it can be taken from taps. The water is stored in tanks. 

Despite the advanced construction, the water quality is still not sufficient. The people currently try to boil the water, but a lot of time is lost in the process. Resources such as firewood and other combustibles must be available for this. Often the children are too impatient for this process and just drink the water directly. There is an increased incidence of illness among the students, which causes them to miss classes. These are often water-related illnesses.

Project implementation

The plan is to equip the school with two AQQAcubes to treat the few local water sources available.

ogether with Joseph, our local project partner, training sessions are to be conducted to sensitize the staff, the school children and the entire community to a thoughtful use of their water sources. The interaction of hygiene training and treatment of the drinking water should improve the health of the inhabitants in the long term. 

The company that employs Joseph builds wells in the regions. However, it is not always possible to drill wells because the ground is often dominated by rocks.


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Our costs for this project are expected to be as follows:

2.546,60 € 2 AQQAcubes
500,00 € Project implementation, maintenance
1.675,00 € Logistics
ca. 4.721,60€*


2 AQQAcubes will be donated for the school


The sustainability of our work on this project is ensured by the following three points:

  1. Training (filter handling and hygiene)
  2. Filter protection
  3. Long-term project monitoring

The people are trained on site in the use of the filters. They are familiarised with the technology.

Furthermore, the people are familiarized with the topic of water hygiene in order to be able to use the filters as effectively as possible and to prevent re-contamination.

The filters are placed in a protected location and at times of the day when there is no monitoring of the filters, it can be securely locked to prevent the filters from being lost or damaged.

The monitoring of the project will be done with the help of Joseph. He lives in Luwero, which is within 25 km of the project sites. Because of his job in the region, he travels a lot and is able to constantly check the functioning of all AQQAcubes and keep reports. In this way, he helps the locals to ensure the highest possible and long-lasting benefit of the filters. Among other things, this is achieved by disinfecting the filters every six months.