Our filter systems

Our filter systems


The so­lu­ti­on for im­me­dia­te use and for in­di­vi­du­als

To meet short-term needs for safe water, the AQQAbag can provide one person with one to two people with at least 4 liters of water per day.



For im­me­dia­te use in com­mu­nities

The AQQAcube combines the advantages of AQQAbag and AQQAsystem. With a weight of 30kg it is very mobile and filters more than 1000 liters of water in 12 hours.



The so­lu­ti­on for long-term use

The AQQAsystem is based on the idea of the AQQAbag, but is modularly scalable. This means it can be perfectly adapted to any site. Suitable for projects with very high water requirements.

DescriptionDescriptionAQQABagInstant solution (after an environmental disaster, for example)AQQACubeInstant solutionAQQASystemLong term solution
UserUserAQQABagIndividuals, travelersAQQACubeCommunities, villages, refugee sheltersAQQASystemLarge communities with high water demand
Filter quantityFilter quantityAQQABag4 litres of clean water at least for 8 hours of operation per dayAQQACubeAt least 400 liters of drinking water per day for 8 hours of operation timeAQQASystem1000 to 30,000 litres of clean water per day
InnovationInnovationAQQABagMembrane filter with high retention rateAQQACubeMembrane filter with high retention rateAQQASystemMembrane filter with high retention rate
CostsCostsAQQABag59€ with VATAQQACubeon requestAQQASystemDepending on the size of the filter system
Bacteria retention rateBacteria retention rateAQQABag99,9999% (certified by BCS, Florida, USA)AQQACube99,9999% (certified by BCS, Florida, USA)AQQASystem99,9999% (certified by BCS, Florida, USA)
DurabilityDurabilityAQQABag6 months in continuous operation (the AQQAbag must be rinsed with clear water occasionally)AQQACube10 years (occasionally it should be rinsed with clear water, every 6 months it must be cleaned).AQQASystemIndefinitely, single filter plates can easily be replaced if necessary
Instruction manualInstruction manualAQQABagDeutsch/ Englisch (PDF)AQQACubeDeutsch/ Englisch (PDF)AQQASystem-