The AQQAbag

The AQQAbag


The so­lu­ti­on for im­me­dia­te use and for in­di­vi­du­als

DescriptionInstant solution (after an environmental disaster, for example)
UserIndividuals, travelers
Filter quantity4 litres of clean water at least for 8 hours of operation per day
InnovationMembrane filter with high retention rate
Costs59€ with VAT
Bacteria retention rate99,9999% (certified by BCS, Florida, USA)
Durability6 months in continuous operation (the AQQAbag must be rinsed with clear water occasionally)
Instruction manualDeutsch/ Englisch (PDF)

The application is very simple: water from a lake or river is filtered with a membrane. The special feature of the AQQAbag is the previously unattained quality of the water at very low cost.

The AQQAbag does not clog and does not need to be maintained, it is light, handy and can be stored indefinitely. This makes the AQQAbag the ideal product to temporarily supply people with clean water - be it in a crisis, for people for whom no permanent solution is yet available or for travellers. The AQQAbag has been successfully tested over several months and its effectiveness confirmed by laboratories.


The AQQAbag is in use in the following locations: