Your 7-point plan

How you can sup­port us even wi­t­hout do­na­ting mo­ney

Your 7-point plan

How you can sup­port us even wi­t­hout do­na­ting mo­ney

Sometimes one can be a bit short of cash - we know that. But there are various other ways you can support us, even without donating money. Have a look at this list. There is probably something you can do for us. Many, many thanks!

1. Like our Facebook page

2. Share our Facebook page

After you left us a Like on our Facebook page , we would be very happy if you would recommend the page to your friends, to make us more known

3. Follow us on Instagram

4. Copy this in your WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal status

"I support You too can donate for clean drinking water!"

5. Provide us with valuable contacts

Everyone knows someone who knows someone... who knows someone. We are grateful for every contact who can help us on our way. This could be people with know-how, people with good connections to the media or people who are willing to donate to our cause. Write to us at Or recommend us directly. Thank you!

6. Get involved

In our volunteer work for WeWater, we need designers, programmers, logistics experts... People who want to get involved and have fun doing it. What are you good at? We can use all the help and talent we can get, so drop us a line at Any and all support is greatly appreciated!

7. Donate while shopping on Amazon

With the Amazon smile program, Amazon offers a possibility to collect donations for non-profit organizations. If you select "WeWater gemeinnützige UG" under your beneficiary and always go to before every order on Amazon, WeWater will receive 0.5% of your order value as a donation from Amazon. At no extra cost for you.