The AQQAcube

The AQQAcube


For im­me­dia­te use in com­mu­nities

DescriptionInstant solution
Usere.g. village communities, refugee shelters, schools
Filter quantityAt least 400 liters of drinking water per day for 8 hours of operation time
InnovationMembrane filter with high retention rate
Costson request
Empty weight30 kg
Bacteria retention rate99,9999% (certified by BCS, Florida, USA)
Durability10 years (occasionally it should be rinsed with clear water, every 6 months it must be cleaned).
Instruction manualDeutsch/ Englisch (PDF)

The bacteria retention rate has been certified by BCS, Florida, USA for the AQQAbag. The AQQAcube works according to the same principle. The core is our filter membrane. We have uploaded the certificate for the AQQAbag here.

Mit welchen Arten von Schmutzwasser der AQQAcube umgehen kann, siehst du in dieser Übersicht.

The AQQAcube is a filter product that combines the advantages of the AQQAbag and the AQQAsystem. It is mobile and can easily be brought to the respective place of use. Nevertheless, thanks to its size and the filter surface it contains, the product can treat more than 1000 litres of clean water in 12 hours. If it is operated for more than 12 hours a day, the filter performance is even greater.

The application is just as simple as with the AQQAbag: water from a lake or a river is put into the filter box and filtered with a membrane. The AQQAcube can be placed in a fixed location or transported. However, transport is only possible when empty.

If you convert the costs for the filter, customs and shipping and the enormous filtering capacity, one litre of hygienically clean water costs less about 0.12 cents. By comparison, drinking water is sold in East African countries in plastic bottles of 1.5 litres each for about one euro. Thus, the product offers clean drinking water while saving a lot of money and plastic waste.

Nach 6 Monaten im Dauerbetrieb muss der AQQAcube gereinigt werden. Eine Anleitung dafür haben wir hier hochgeladen. Die Kosten für die halbjährliche Reinigung betragen etwa 100 Euro.


The AQQAcube is in use at the following locations: