The AQQAsystem

The AQQAsystem


The so­lu­ti­on for long-term use

DescriptionLong term solution
UserLarge communities with high drinking water demand
Filter quantity500 to 30,000 liters of drinking water per day
InnovationMembrane filter with high retention rate
CostsDepending on the size of the filter system
Empty weightDepending on the size of the filter system
Bacteria retention rate99,9999% (certified by BCS, Florida, USA)
DurabilityIndefinitely, single filter plates can easily be replaced if necessary

The AQQAsystem is based on the idea of the AQQAbag. It turns surface water into hygienically safe drinking water on a larger scale. It can be installed directly at a water source or a river.

First, the water is cleaned through the membranes in modular boxes equipped with our filter plates. The membranes have a retention effect of 99.9999 percent for bacteria. It is filtered with very low pressure. This means that dirt and other residues can be removed easily from the filter plate by gravity alone.

The AQQAsystem can be used for months at constant performance without requiring treatment. It can be configured for many applications by stringing together several modules – from approximately 500 to 30.000 liters per day. Our filter system is thus a permanent solution for supplying large amounts of drinking water to villages and large communities.