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Clean drinking water for the hospitals in Obiya West and Olet in Uganda

Clean drinking water for the hospitals in Obiya West and Olet in Uganda

Project details

Obiya West, Uganda




Clean drinking water for the hospitals


Donation of 2 AQQAcubes for filtering polluted water

People helped

900 people are cared for per day in the clinics

The project

Since 2010, the Münster-based association Lightray Uganda has been active in Obiya West and Olet, in the district of Gulu, in northern Uganda. The association's goal is to ensure basic medical care and nutrition thanks to donations. In addition, the association creates access to school education.

In 2011, a medical station with training area was opened on the outskirts of Gulu. In the meantime, the project has been expanded to include a maternity ward, a preschool, a primary school, as well as a children's and mothers' crisis house. Unfortunately, however, there is a lack of clean drinking water for the association's hospitals.

So far, there is no supply of hygienically safe water. There is no clean drinking water, neither for the infirmary nor for the maternity ward. Although water is available on site, this water has an elevated level of pathogens, as tested by Lightray through an independent laboratory.

The water used comes from a borehole and has been proven to make local people sick. Since there are pregnant women, sick or injured people on site, the situation is even more dramatic. Which is why we must help as quickly as possible.

Project implementation

Every day, about 900 people are cared for in the facilities of Lightray. It is planned to deliver two AQQAcubes to the north of Uganda until the end of April 2020 and thus provide people with access to clean drinking water. The project has successfully been completed.


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Our anticipated costs for this project are as follows:

2.546,60 € 2 AQQAcubes
800 € Round-trip airfare for a WeWater staff member
600 € Transport costs AQQAcubes
50 € Visa WeWater staff
0 € Transport costs AQQAcubes and WeWater team in Uganda (covered by Lightray e.V.)
0 € Board (covered by Lichtstrahl e.V.)
3996,60 €  

3000 € of the costs were covered by the Wilo Foundation. Many thanks for the support.


Two AQQAcubes are donated to the hospitals.


The sustainability of our work on this project is ensured by the following three points:

  1. Training (filter handling and hygiene)
  2. Filter protection
  3. Long-term project monitoring

The people are trained on site in the use of the filters and familiarised with the technology. Hospital staff are trained in the subject of water hygiene. This is to further avoid contamination of water sources. Hospital staff continue to monitor the effectiveness of the filters and are available as contact persons for questions about filter usage.

Not only because of the Covid-19 pandemic are functioning hygiene measures are extremely important. But the current situation has prompted WeWater to produce a digital video manual on the use, cleaning and maintenance of our filter solutions. With this, potential problems can be solved quickly and efficiently without the needing local presence of our Berlin staff members.

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