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Clean drinking water for the people of Shinyalu in Kenya

Clean drinking water for the people of Shinyalu in Kenya

Project details

Shinyalu, Kenya




Clean drinking water for the people of Shinyalu, for a medical office and a hospital


Donation of 6 AQQAcubes for filtering polluted water

People helped

4240 people get their water from polluted water holes and rivers

Water samples from the wells

The project

The village of Shinyalu is located in the Kakamega region, further north of Lake Victoria. A total of 4240 people live here in 530 households.

People get their drinking water from wells, a river as well as from roof water harvesting. However, the type of soil cannot store water and the infiltration rate is high. This means that the river dries up very quickly and what remains are stagnant pools. The water quality is poor because there is no runoff in the summer. In summer, women have to walk long distances in search of water in the only available river. When we analyzed the water in the river, we found that it is heavily contaminated with lead, which means it is not suitable as a source of drinking water. The water sources sometimes smell because the cattle drink directly from it and people also bathe there.

Project implementation

Due to the size of the three Kenya projects and the planning uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, implementation is taking place in two phases.

For the people in Shinyalu we have planned a total of six AQQAcubes, two of which have been installed during a first phase in July. The four others were added in the summer of 2022. All 6 are now in daily use, among other things in the local doctor's office, as well as in the local hospital. In order to minimize transportation costs, we shipped the filters as a bundle together with the AQQAcubes intended for the other locations.

The water is heavily contaminated with E. coli bacteria due to a broken pipe, which belongs to the drain of a pit latrine. This pipe will also be repaired during the site inspection. Furthermore, we cooperate with the local health workers in this project. Together with them, hygiene workshops are planned to sensitize the inhabitants to handle their water sources with care and to promote the importance of treated drinking water.


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Our costs for this project are expected to be as follows:

6.420 € 6 AQQAcubes
570,00 € Wasseranalyse
500,00 € Hygieneworkshop
1.000,00 € Repair of pipeline
2.500,00 € Transport costs
3.300,00 € Customs


6 AQQAcubes are provided for the community, doctor's office and hospital.


The sustainability of our work on this project is ensured by the following three points:

  1. Training (filter handling and hygiene)
  2. Filter protection
  3. Long-term project monitoring

The people are trained on site in the use of the filters and familiarised with the technology. In addition, people are trained in the subject of water hygiene. This is to further avoid contamination of water sources. We have found volunteers in the villages who will take responsibility for monitoring and securing the filters. At the same time they will act as contact persons for the WeWater team in Kenya in case of problems. They will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the filters and are available as contact persons for questions within the village.

Not only because of the Covid-19 pandemic are functioning hygiene measures are extremely important. But the current situation has prompted WeWater to produce a digital video manual on the use, cleaning and maintenance of our filter solutions. With this, potential problems can be solved quickly and efficiently without the needing local presence of our Berlin staff members.

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